[noun] farmland, classic style

An ambiance that lifts the heart: the country-house style exudes warmth and comfort more than any other interior design style. High quality materials and skilled craftsmanship with loving details such as shelves with utensil boxes, wall units with plate racks and columns reflect the peace and comfort of rural life, making the kitchen the desirable heart of the home.


[noun] family

More space in your kitchen – more kitchen in your space


[verb] to be up to the present, modern, contemporary

Plain, generously designed fronts, elegant materials and innovative technology are the trademarks of this contemporary kitchen architecture and facilitate individual forms of living and furnishing


[noun] bachelor, free, industrial style

Where metal meets wood meets creativity


[noun] luxurious beauty, attractiveness, elegance

The essential is invisible. The simple clarity of these pared-down kitchens is expressed in straight lines, in reduction down to the essential, and in precision.


[noun] artist, unique and playful design

Diversity is an enrichment.